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Video Production

Production Portfolio

The full array of insurance coverages at competitive premiums for productions with budgets up to $30,000,000 and duration up to 12 months.

Olson Insurance Group specializes in Production Insurance and match the best policy to a production company to ensure optimal coverage based on the film being made.    Our Production Portfolio provides a full array of insurance coverages at competitive premiums for productions with budgets up to $30 million and duration up to 12 months.

Single production or series taking
place anywhere in the world,
budgets up to $25,000,000
and duration up to 12 months.

The required production coverages
are packaged together.
Available and admitted in all states.  


The Production Portfolio insurance program quotations are usually sent within minutes after receipt of application during normal business hours.

Call today – we want to be part of your next production!

Olson Insurance Video Production Insuran

► Short-Term Production Packages 

► Annual Production Packages 

► General Liability 

► Owned Equipment 

► Rented Camera/Production Equipment 

► Props/Sets/Wardrobes 

► Negative Film, Videotape & Digitalized Image 

► Extra Expense 

► Film Drone Liability & Physical Damage

► Certificates of Insurance

► Third Party Property Damage

► Rental Cost Reimbursement

► Cast Coverage

           • Extended pre-production

           • Post-production

► Key Person Life

► Workers' Comp

► Stunt Coverage

► Commercial Auto

► Excess Liability

► Errors & Omissions

► Film Permit Bonds

► Key Person Disability

► Disgrace coverage

► Essential Element Coverage

► Transmission Interruption

► Weather Interruption
► Post Production Houses

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