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Book Transfers

We assist Agencies and individual Insurance Professionals looking to make a change or who have come to the realization they no longer want to deal with the challenges that come with running an agency behind.

We can provide the tools for long-term growth and success of your agency.  When transferring a book of business, benefits can include eliminating most of the service work, more freedom to grow faster by working smarter not harder, provide access to more carriers and markets, and most importantly competitive commissions splits.

10 Reasons to
Consider a  Book Transfer

1.    Visionary Ready to GROW!
2.    Carrier Underwriting Appetite Change

3.    Market Taking Rate
Servicing Issues
5.    Consolidate brokered business
6.    Carrier Commission Decrease

7.    Loss Ratio
8.    Book Stagnant (not growing)
9.    All Alone and Need Help!
10.  Perpetuation Planning


Benefits of a Book Transfer

  • Freedom to Grow

  • Freedom from Carrier Production Growth

  • Freedom from Retention Requirements

  • Offset Carrier Commission Decreases

  • Regain Control of the Book & Deal directly with the Company

  • New Business Incentives

  • Place Book with Highly Rated Markets

  • Enhanced Commission Opportunities

  • Peace of Mind and Security

  • Perpetuation Planning

It's Easy!

Our dedicated book transfer team can assist with 4 easy steps
for a streamline book roll:

Step 1:  Book Transfer Discussed.
Step 2:  Transfer Letter + Packet executed.

Step 3:  Book Transfer Team Processes with the Carrier.

Step 4:  The Carrier approves, the book is moved!


Jeff Olson         
(708) 369-8484


Jim Sandberg  (708) 986-1115

Discuss options for your agency:

Arrange a Book Transfer and get a competitive edge!

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